Our toilet habits - Urgent call to change for better Hygiene & Health
Toilet Hand Hygiene5000 years ago, Indian ancient civilisations like Mohenjodaro & Harappa had developed elaborate sanitation systems and codes of hygiene since they were aware and conscious of the dangers of contact with faecal & waste matter. Today, in India, we might boast of huge leaps in technology, science and business, but the fact remains that we are still pre-historic and ignorant or rather indifferent towards improving our basic sanitary hygiene factors. One of the most dispensable habits still prevalent in India is that of using our hands to clean after our daily bowel movement. The very act of touching the excreta/faecal matter with our hands is the most dangerous practice and immediately exposes us to the spread of some of the most dreaded diseases on earth - Hepatitis, Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis etc.

A recent study published by Global Hygiene Council states that only 27% of Indians wash their hands after toilet, the balance 73% obviously don’t. The horror story doesn’t end there since a fraction of these 27% use soap. Even usage of soap does not wash away the germs since only 50% of the germs get cleaned by soap (please see slides below) and you would need an alcohol based cleanser to get rid of most of these bacteria. Further, the soap users re-use the soap thus contaminating the soap with Gram-negative bacteria like E coli, Salmonella, Shigella and other Enterobacteriacaea. Not to forget that there is the additional danger of germs penetrating under our nails/skin pores which are very hard to remove after any form of cleaning. Now imagine how we ourselves transmit these diseases when these contaminated hands are used to make Atta, cook food in the kitchen or while eating or caring for our loved ones. No wonder India has one of the world’s highest instances of these diseases.
Microbial Growth   Bacterial Reduction with soap vs. alcohol
Microbial growth on a cultivation plate
Bacterial Reduction with soap vs. alcohol
A - without washing with soap
B - after washing hands with soap and water
C - after disinfection with alcohol

So, after this realization we need to ask ourselves the following pertinent questions:
Why do we continue with this most dangerous and unhygienic habit?
Do we really need to contaminate our hands with faecal matter in the first place?
Isn’t there a solution to this problem that’s “Hands Free, and therefore “Germs Free”?

The answer to these questions lies in a very simple solution that modern technology (originally from Japan) offers- it’ called ATTACHABLE BIDETS.

These easy to install devices can be fitted onto any Western Commode and offer a wide range of benefits thus making mugs, health faucets, jets, toilet paper look like what coal powder was before the advent of toothpaste.

Millions of homes, hotels, hospitals, offices and public places in Japan, Korea, Europe, USA have adapted to this new technology which is fast becoming an integral part of any toilet.
The Attachable Bidets works on the principle of cleaning you from below with a jet of water from specially designed retractable nozzle(s) , that can be operated very conveniently by just turning a knob or pressing a button next to you. Just 10 seconds are enough to give you a thorough cleaning and a refreshing experience without ever having to dirty your hands with excreta. A simple test using a tissue after your first wash will be enough to convince you regarding the efficacy of this device. The Bidets come in 16 different models and designs/features and have a Manual or Electronic operation. They are very affordable with a starting price of $49 (including taxes).

Bidets Range

Some of the advantages of Attachable Bidets are:
Hands Free cleaning. Therefore Germs Free cleaning
Ease of operation – no stretching ,bending and maneuvering
Eco-Friendly- saves on 90% water usage compared to mugs, health faucets, jets
Excellent therapeutic benefits during Constipation/Piles. Can be used as an enema, if required
Options available with Anti-bacterial soft drop seats
special nozzles for women’s personal hygiene,
warm water wash, heated seats, warm air dryer, massage etc.

Attachable Bidets have been recently introduced in India by a Singapore company and has been welcomed by many users. You order hygiclean bidets online here or enquire about the product.