Dangers of using your hands after toilet.
Is it safe to just use soap?
Surprisingly No.
If you see various medical researches done on the efficacy of normal soap, it at best cleans your hands of 50% of the germs. The rest of the 50% stay in the pores of the skin of your hands or under your nails( ref. Hospis Epidemiology Infection Control 2nd. Edition 1999).

Now lets look at what happens in our daily life especially after toilet. In India, we invariably use our hands to clean ourselves after toilet. The instance our hands/fingers come in contact with excreta they contaminate them with some of the most dangerous diseases of the world , namely Diarrhea, Hepatitis, Gastro-enteritis, Typhoid, Cholera etc.. No amount of cleaning with a soap is going to get rid of these germs that have penetrated inside your skin pores/ under your nails and find their way into our food cycle when we cook , eat or touch our loved ones. Only Alcohol can be effective . Thatís why all modern hospitals use Alcohol scrubs and not soaps to clean hands( see pic.below)

Toilet Hand Hygiene

A.  Germs on hands- without washing with soap    
B.  Germs on hands- after washing hands with soap
C.  Germs on hands-after disinfection with alcohol

Till now we have blissfully been unaware of the dangers of this habit since no research was done on the subject and your naked eyes could not see anything amiss. However, now medical research is opening our eyes to this most dangerous of practices.

Did we for example know that 2000 children die every day in India due to Diarrhea caused by this habit and infected water? Shocking news but true if you check WHO-UNICEF data.

So what is the solution to this age old habit?
Today, technology has given us a simple solution called “Hands Free Attachable Bidets” that is a device that can easily be attached to any existing/new commode(WC). It clean you automatically with a water jet from a special nozzle from below . All you need to do is turn a knob conveniently located next to you and the Bidet does the rest to clean you thoroughly ( you can check the results with a tissue for the first time).
Certain models have special nozzles designed for women’s personal hygiene care and are a great boon especially during periods/pregnancy.

These wonder devices not only help protect our family’s health and wellness but also are Eco-friendly  since they save on 90% of water usage compared to mugs, health faucets etc. A family can save almost 20 litres of water everyday if they use these devices.

Attachable bidets are popular in Japan, America and Europe and are fast replacing the conventional cleaning methods. In India they are now available under the name of   Hygiclean Attachable Bidets. They are ideal for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels , schools etc. and any public place. They come with a wide selection  of 16 different models to choose from - electronic and manual. The prices are affordable, starting from Rs.1747/-(local taxes extra)- a small price to pay for your family’s health and well-being.